Hunting Season:
Hunting is from the 15 May to 30 November

Hunting is conducted from camps situated on the banks of the Luangwa River and include comfortable safari-style tents or chalets with en-suite bathrooms. Power is supplied by both solar and generator. Meals are enjoyed in a central dining area with magnificent views of the river and surrounding countryside. WiFi available in most camps.All camps provide daily laundry.

Health Precautions:
Zambia is a Malaria area.  Prophylactics are essential with your doctor’s approval.  Hepatitis A and B vaccines are also recommended but first check with your Physician.  First Aid is on hand in camp but it is wise to bring your own requirements. Medical insurance is strongly advised.

Temperatures vary from 8 degrees Celsius (48 F) in the mornings to 34 Celsius (90F) during midday for June, July and August. However September, October and November is our hot season and daytime temperatures can rise to between 35 and 40 Celsius (110F)

During the months of June/July/August a light down jacket or fleece is recommended. Later in the season a light-hunting jacket might be required in the mornings. Care must be taken not to use safari clothing of a light colour.  Grey, dark green or camo is recommended in the hunting field. Long sleeved shirts and trousers will protect the hunter from the sun. A cap or floppy hat is essential.


The pristine Luangwa Valley, is an extension of the famous Rift Valley. Renowned for its unspoilt beauty and varied habitats supports one of Africa’s richest concentrations of wildlife. The geology is varied and embraces both escarpments and valley floor. Dry sandy riverbeds, streams and lagoons create the ideal habitat for the hunting of big game. Elevation runs from 1200 meters (4300ft.) in the hills to 450 meters (1350 ft.) at river level.

Safaris are conducted following the traditional style of walk and stalk and although we make use of fully equipped safari vehicles we adhere to the old hunting traditions, without compromising success. For bow hunters we offer makeshift blinds at selected natural waterholes with leopard and lion our speciality. Safaris are tailor-made to suite individual needs. The Luangwa riverbank offers some of the finest hunting on foot found anywhere in Africa.